I do not know who still reads my blog, or if anyone ever did. But it’s been a while. Since 2017, I have done some of the things that I’ve always wanted to do, tried a few things that I thought I wanted to try, and ultimately, I ended up changing. Some would call it […]


Lille, ma ville T’es comme une île Quand je te quitte Je me sens presque servile Oh quel idylle Que de te connaître Oh Lille Avant toi, je n’étais qu’une pauvre fille fragile On me croirait débile De t’avoir quitter Oh Lille Quelle ville civile Avec tes parcs et tes gens faciles Je me sens […]

On education.

The problem with education is that we are taught to be interested in one thing only at a time. It seems to be the problem of the new generations: I have met freshly graduated young professors who know nothing aside of the topics related to their major as if being interested in cinema, music, and […]

On Life

.1 Shitty days are Ok when you are constipated. .2 Sometimes all you want from life is an orange, and just when you think you got it, you realize it is a grapefruit. A sour grapefruit. .3 Sometimes you know where you are going you just don’t know if you will go.